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Two companies under one RTCL flag, Rotterdam Tank Container Leasing BV, RTCL BV and RTCL Eurasia BV (EA).

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RTCL BV is a leading player in the rental, leasing and purchase & sale of new and used tank containers.

RTCL has its own fleet of more than 1,500 tank containers at its disposal, both for food and chemicals and for various classifications and contents.

We deliver both standard and customised solutions for short and long term. Renting from one day is possible.

We are the only lessor not to charge any extra costs. Together with our partners, we also offer solutions for cleaning, repair, modification, renovation, storage and transport.

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RTCL Eurasia BV is specialised in global door-to-door transport solutions of tank containers. RTCL Eurasia provides both standard and fully customised customised services.

Read more about this at services. RTCL BV and RTCL Eurasia form a unique combination in the field of tank container (transport) services.

We also work exclusively for and together with our partner in Istanbul, Turkey. Partly as a result of this, RTCL BV and RTCL Eurasia BV (EA) have a strong presence in Western and Eastern Europe, Central & Far East and South America.

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Our new head office on the border between Rotterdam and Bergschenhoek is the nerve centre from which our clients worldwide are optimally served.

On the basis of our many years of intensive cooperation, our worldwide network has been further expanded, with branches in: Istanbul, Buenos-Aires, Barcelona, Bilbao and Dubai. Read more about this on the network page.

Want more information? Then please contact us at or call +31 10 846 45 77, use our contact form or request a quote directly here.


With the new TDI tank containers, RTCL fleet is growing to 1,500 tanks!

Rotterdam, 5 February 2018. RTCL proudly presents its newly produced TDI and standard tank containers. The tanks meet all modern requirements and specifications. This not only gives the RTCL fleet a modern impulse, but also increases the number of tanks for short and long term lease above 1,500! The new tank containers are therefore equipped with a smiley with the text "Ready for take off! ! Reach # 1,500".

At the same time, a large number of new TDI tank containers have been produced for our Turkish partner, Gökbil. This has also given our partner fleet an important boost.

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Halkali terminal EurAsia important hub for RTCL!

Istanbul, 15 January 2018. The Turkrail Intermodal Halkali Terminal is located in the European part of Istanbul and is one of the largest rail terminals in the region. This terminal is an important hub in the RTCL and partner network for Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Leeuwenhoekweg 18c
2661 CZ Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands
T +31 10 846 45 77

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RTCL Eurasia BV
Leeuwenhoekweg 18c
2661 CZ Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands
T +31 10 818 44 75



Want to work with us? Send an email with CV and recent passport photo to: